Hey We have some new employees!   They are Hector and Sophia.  They are Bull Snakes! Everybody knows how difficult it is to control burrowing animals on a golf course.. We have had our share of gophers for what seems like centuries! Well, the board decided it was time to get some serious help for our crew. Jose now has two heavy-duty Arizona tools to use on those little ground-breakin', pile makin', nasty little dirt-digin' moles/gophers. The thing is we have to let Hector and Sophie do their thing.  They're snakes, for Heaven's sakes. Leave them alone! If you see a snake on the golf course leave it alone.  If it's a rattlesnake, our new employees love them for desert!    Please Leave Hector and Sophia alone.  Let them do their job and watch them grow! Now, turn your sound up, click the arrow and watch the video ...

2016 Memorial Day Tournament
1st Gross             Hyde/Reveles
1st Net          Barreras/Moreno
2nd Net               Antilla/Antilla
3rd Net        Michels/Gutierrezs       
Skills: Borgoza, Valenzuela, Michels, Barreras, Antilla, Antilla
Visitor Maria Rivera bought a fist-full of 50/50 tickets and she WON $45!

Hours of Operation

   Golf Shop
          Tufa Stone Bldg  Closed for now.

   Golf Course
          Dawn to Dusk
          Sign in at Clubhouse

   Fitness Center & Courts
5:00am to 9:00pm M-Sat
           6:00am to 6:00pm Sun
Guests: $5.00

  Swimming Pool
           Buddy System in place ...
           6:00am to Dusk

   Cobre Grill (East Door) 
            7:00am to 2:00pm
            Wednesday through Friday

   Cobre Den (Main Door)
             11:00am to 8:00pm M-S
             11:00am to 6:00pm Sun
Club attendants will serve
        if needed 9:00am to 11:00am

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Non-Member Fees


              9 holes    $13.25
            18 holes    $17.25

              9 holes     $11.00
            18 holes     $15.00

          Cart Rental

                2 Hours:  $5.00

          All prices Plus Tax   

The Cobre Valle
Country Club 
is a semi-private
organization for
paid members
and guests.

Public access is by daily fees set by the Board of Directors.

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